Projects Orphanage

Projects Orphanage

The below list is of projects which have, sadly, become orphaned by their project leaders. Projects on the list have links to their original applications unless otherwise noted.

Projects can become abandoned in two ways:

  • The project leader announces that they have no intention of completing their project.
  • The project leader has become inactive (as decided by the moderating team).

We hope some among you may find a place in your hearts to foster one of the below projects, many are very near to completion and just need a little attention.

A foster project application should respect the original project leaders vision and not significantly alter any existing parts of the build. Fostering a project is essentially picking up where the previous leader left off. If you intend to remove or heavily update any existing part of the build, please consider instead appealing for a redo or an update. Refer to clause 1.c of the Official No-Redo Rule (opens in a new tab).

You do not need to make an appeal to apply for a foster project.

The North:
Greywater Watch (opens in a new tab)
Karhold (opens in a new tab)
**Oldcastle **(original application unavailable)

The Riverlands:
**Atranta, **formerly Wayfarer's Rest (opens in a new tab)
Deddings (opens in a new tab)
Grell (opens in a new tab)
Perryn (opens in a new tab)
Rankenfell (opens in a new tab)

The Vale:
Mountain Clans of the Vale (opens in a new tab)
Newkeep (opens in a new tab)
Wydman (opens in a new tab)

The Westerlands:
Doggett (opens in a new tab)
Myatt (opens in a new tab)

The Stormlands:
Bronzegate (opens in a new tab)
Greenstone (opens in a new tab)
Weeping Town (opens in a new tab)

The Reach:
Cockshaw (opens in a new tab)
House Grimm of Greyshield (opens in a new tab)

Redding (opens in a new tab)
Stackhouse (opens in a new tab)

Bloodstone (opens in a new tab)
Hellholt (opens in a new tab)